Caring For You

The death of a loved one presents many difficult choices. With a deep caring and commitment to our community, we offer guidance and services for honoring your loved one. Whether you are celebrating a long life well lived or grieving for a life tragically ended, we are here to help you. When decisions feel overwhelming, we talk with you and listen. We guide you through the unfamiliar to greater comfort about your choices—from old traditions, new traditions, and family or religious preferences. Adobe Creek Funeral Home & Cremation Services was established to service the Northbay area including Marin, Napa, Lake and Sonoma counties.

Our Owner Directors

Jeff Lyons and Matt Hewitt chose their professional paths because they enjoy helping people.

Jeff Lyons

I was raised in the heartland of Iowa and appreciate meeting people from all walks of life. I have more than 30 years experience in the funeral service industry and thrive on helping people through this very difficult time. I take great pride in my profession and my sincere goal is to facilitate services that provide comfort, meaning and honor life. Convinced that a privately-owned business can serve the community with greater innovation and responsiveness than a corporately-held enterprise, I co-founded Adobe Creek Funeral Home & Cremation Services, located near downtown Petaluma, in 1998. In 2003, I acquired Sebastopol’s Pleasant Hills Memorial Park, Mortuary and Crematory, a historic Sonoma County property adjacent to apple orchards and vineyards.



Matt HewittMatt Hewitt is 4th generation in a family of funeral home professionals. His cheerful grandpa owned the funeral parlor where Matt and his sister played around a big glass candy jar with a heavy, sawtooth lid. Getting the lid off without grandpa hearing the “clink” took ingenuity. Matt observed his grandfather’s skills in funeral arts and, eventually, learned the art of embalming. He also witnessed how a family-run business deals with death in a caring, neighborly way and performs an essential role in a close community. Matt joined the Adobe Creek Funeral Home & Cremation Services staff in 2000 and became a co-owner in 2013.

Matt and Jeff embrace traditions but stay open to the new. When Matt’s aunt brought a candy jar as a gift to Adobe Creek Funeral Home & Cremation Services, they set it out for visitors. Just like his grandpa’s, it’s always filled, and this one has no lid.